AMIC Energy at a glance:

AMIC Energy is an Austrian independent investment firm focused on the European energy sector.

Our management team has decades of unrivaled executive and industry experience in the global energy sector, mobility and retail service stations and convenience stores.

We selectively invest our own capital in undervalued or distressed energy assets in high growth markets with the focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

Our experience

We combine our experience, structured selection approach and contact network to scrutinize and identify investment opportunities and take proprietary equity positions (from minority positions to full ownership) in undervalued companies that promise a significant value upside.

We then strive to create value by transforming such company's strategy, strengthening its management, streamlining its operations and focusing on capital discipline to make it best-in-class.

AMIC Market

The brand creates places where customers feel safe. It provides comfortable environment to rest or work and have a meal at our Food Points and, at selected stations, Subway restaurants.

It offers high quality mobility service offerings at very stable and competitive pricing on the market.

AMIC Rally Team
in Ford Fiesta Rally3!

AMIC Rally Team - people who share good energy and passion for driving.
AMIC Rally Team will provide sports emotions and take up new challenges.
In the 2021 rally season, the colors of the AMIC Energy will be represented by the AMIC Rally Team,
consisting of Agnieszka Załęcka as a rally driver and Mateusz Pawłowski as a pilot.

They will drive brand-new Ford Fiesta Rally3 car which was launched in 2021.

The patron of the team is AMIC Energy which supports the development of young talents,
promotes safe driving and focuses on good energy and fair play during sports competition. 


We are adding top name brands to our existing convenience product offer, providing ready meals, TV dinners, local and international beer and wine.

Food to go menu

We continuously extend our food to go menu. Beside hot dogs, we offer freshly made sandwiches and salads from highest quality ingredients for customers focused on healthy food.

and sitting areas

Caring very much for our customer’s work and chill out experience, we are offering them welcoming and comfortable sitting areas.

Mobility service provider and retail stations operator in Central and Eastern Europe

Following the trend of oil majors exiting their forecourt estates in order to concentrate on upstream activities, AMIC Energy focus on becoming the most dynamic and profitable independent mobility service provider and retail stations operator in Central and Eastern Europe.