Business Focus

AMIC Energy sees a key trend in retail in Eastern Europe

Mobility and retail service model

AMIC Energy sees a key trend in retail in Eastern Europe and we believe that the mobility and retail service station model is underdeveloped. When increasing the size of the mobility service business, a more sophisticated retail proposition becomes available.

We also believe that many of the sites coming up for sale are underdeveloped retail businesses, underpinned by a real estate asset. AMIC Energy focuses on revealing the real value of these assets by providing customers with high-quality mobility service offerings coupled with an exceptional product range including ‘food to go’ offer from top name brands, ongoing value promotions and, of course, a convenient and competitive shopping experience.

AMIC Energy is a leader in sales and retailing

Consequently, in 2014, we decided to acquire our first fuel and retail network and today AMIC Energy is a leader in sales, marketing and retailing of transport and commercial fuels, electric vehicle charging and related products and services in Eastern Europe.

AMIC Energy is engaged in four countries and has developed a scalable platform to grow its mobility and retail business across Central and Eastern Europe.

Electric vehicle charging stations

AMIC Poland cooperates with GreenWay Poland on EV charging stations in Poland

Our objective: 

"Becoming the most dynamic and profitable independent mobility service provider and retail stations operator in Central and Eastern Europe."